Concept Architect: CallisonRTKL

Contractor: Six Construct

The Project:

The Yas Mall is a 230,000 sq. meter retail mall next to Ferrari World, and home to 370 stores, 60 food and drink outlets and a 20-screen cinema. The mall goes beyond the retail offering and is an entertainment and dining destination located 5 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport, 15 minutes from the Capital’s city center and 45 minutes from Dubai.

JointMaster® Expansion Joint Products Installed

6,474 total meters (4.02 miles) of the following joint systems:

– 501 Series Seismic “Pop-Up” System: Floor-Floor & Floor-Wall
– 806 Series Cover Plate System: Floor-Floor & Floor-Wall
– 491 Center Bar Seismic System: Wall-Wall/Ceiling-Ceiling & Wall-Ceiling
– 661 Series Curb Mounted Centering Bar Roof System
– 674 Series Bellows/Curb Flange
– 1250 Series Foam Seal: 200mm and 250mm Gap
– JAR-200S 50mm Gap
– JAR-400S 100mm Gap

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