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990 Fire Rated Foam

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Features and benefits

  • 990 systems do not rely on the silicone face for their rating; the foam is impregnated with fire retardant material, meaning the rating is not compromised due to vandalism or damage to the silicone face
  • Fire foam seals are water tight and also have sound attenuation qualities
  • This system is coated on both sides so either face can be exposed
  • Seal material is UV stable, and resistant to solvents
  • Capable of handling vertical and horizontal joint movement
  • Open cell foam is constantly self-expanding, allowing system to maintain a watertight seal while undergoing rapid joint movement
  • 990 foam seals come pre-compressed for installation ease

Product specification

  • Provides a 2-hour or 3-hour fire rating in accordance with UL-2079
  • Floor to Floor or Wall to Wall
  • Floor to Wall or Wall to Corner
  • 990 System +/- 25% movement rating

Technical information